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A plane trip is an exhilarating experience for the first-time flyer. Leading up to the trip, it is important to pack properly in order to avoid discrepancies with TSA or the frustration of realizing that something important was forgotten at home. With the peace of mind that all has been taken care of, a flight can be enjoyed fully and stress-free.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

The easiest way to make sure that something is left behind, whether it be as minuscule and replaceable as a toothbrush or as important as a passport, is to wait until the night before a voyage to pack.

Try to allow at least 24 to 48 hours for planning and packing. Consider creating a checklist or downloading a pre-made one in order to keep track of what is already packed and what is not.

Review TSA Guidelines

Nothing spoils the onboarding experience more than waiting in line for extended amounts of time to be checked by TSA only to be pulled aside because they have found an item considered to be a flight hazard or an excess amount of liquids in luggage. Be sure to review the TSA’s travel checklist carefully. This checklist describes important details such as liquid sizes allowed in carry-on, prohibited items, and the forms of identification that are accepted at the TSA checkpoints. Be sure to arrive at least 2 hours before the flight’s departure in order to avoid missing a flight.

Label Your Luggage

In a sea of black suitcases, it is important to make sure luggage stands out or is labeled to avoid any mix-ups. This goes for carry-on bags as well, as some airlines do not have enough overhead space and will store smaller bags in a separate compartment. Consider getting labels and putting a name, number, and other discernible details on them just in case the luggage gets misplaced. It also helps to purchase suitcases with patterns or colors that will assist in setting them apart.

Following these guidelines will assist in making sure that luggage is packed in an organized manner that complies to air regulations. This allows for a boarding that is smooth for all parties involved and a fulfilling journey.